DirectEmployers Institute works closely with its network of employers in STEM and other career areas to connect them with the diverse workforce of the future. Businesses serve in a variety of ways and are welcome to provide the following support:

Community Connections

Employers who partner with DirectEmployers Institute will connect with the community in a variety of ways including:

  • Increased name recognition through school partnerships
  • Increased support for the company from the community
  • More skilled future employees


Student Involvement and Exposure

When students are involved in learning labs, their creativity and willingness to learn increases:

  • Students are more likely to pursue STEM careers
  • Students are more likely to pursue postsecondary education
  • Partner companies are likely to benefit from more business-ready employees when they hire students who have completed the program
  • The National Science Foundation reports that since 2004, growth in STEM jobs has been 3 times faster than in non-STEM jobs, with STEM workers earning 26% more than non-STEM counterparts



Partner companies are provided access to DirectEmployers STEM.jobs domain which allows:

  • Companies to share STEM employment opportunities
  • Students and job-searchers to easily find these opportunities
  • Companies to hire the most talented and qualified employees
  • As more students complete this program, partner companies will have more intelligent, talented, and diverse employees.
How to Partner With DirectEmployers Institute
  1. Underwrite costs associated with developing state-of-the-art STEM Learning Labs in Central Indiana schools and other community spaces
  2. Sponsor a STEM Learning Lab for a specific STEM career pathway
  3. Provide equipment to be used for project-based learning in our STEM Learning Labs
  4. Provide hands-on STEM and general business curriculum for our STEM Learning Labs
  5. Provide mentors to guide students through project-based learning experiences in STEM Learning Labs
  6. Serve as guest speakers during our programs for students
  7. Provide job shadowing and internship opportunities in their workplaces
  8. Provide financial support in the form of scholarships to enable disadvantaged students to participate in our programming
  9. Hire students who have completed our programs

 “What I enjoyed about the DirectEmployers Foundation summer program was that it was a great learning experince. I am glad I was able to learn important skills about the workplace. I hope I can come back next year.”

Victoria Logan – Student