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“Here’s an iPod. You can put all of your music on it. You can buy new songs for $1.”


“Here’s an MP3 Player. It has 4GB of Flash memory, a color display, USB Interface, removable battery, it works with Windows Media Player, aMarok, Songbird, and Winamp. It has built in FM Radio and has a microphone so you can record stuff.”

Despite not having most of the features of competing music players, iPod won.  iPod proved that feature correctness can enable a product with fewer features to win a market over well financed, more advanced products.  Apple did not invent the MP3 player. Apple entered the mp3 player market four years late. Apple tossed out conventional wisdom and did something totally different. Apple focussed on having essential features (like high quality sound) and creating new features their competitors did not have:

  • An easy way to get music into the player.
  • Affordable way to buy new music ($1 per song)
  • A one handed user interface.

Over time Apple added new features that made iPod even better:

  • They added video.
  • They added a cell phone and called it an iPhone.
  • Then they created tools that let third parties create applications and games.
  • Then they made a really big one and called it an iPad.

To this day, a cheap, circa 2006 MP3 player has features absent from iPod, iPhone and iPad:

  • FM Radio.
  • User serviceable batteries.
  • Industry standard USB jack.
  • Support for all kinds of music DRM schemes.
  • Support for different desktop music and media players.
  • Memory expansion slots

So, what does feature correctness have to do with .JOBS Microsites? Everything. Our goal is to get the essential features perfect and introduce new features that redefine how companies find talent and how people find jobs.



Mike Seidle

With over 20 years of business development including launching three startups, Mike Seidle is the Director of Development for the DirectEmployers Foundation. Prior to joining the foundation, Mike started ProBlog Service, Virtual Payment Systems, and has held leadership positions with Inacom/Vanstar, Expanse and Indy Associates.

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