DirectEmployers Foundation

“We want to make it easy for anyone to list jobs on their websites, on their blogs, in their mobile apps and in their social media streams. It should cost employers virtually nothing to find an employee, and it should cost job seekers nothing, in terms of time, money or privacy to find a job.”

- Rick Wehrle, Director, DirectEmployers Foundation


Workers should not have to pay to find a job

Job seekers should not have to pay a fee or hand over sensitive information to unknown third parties in order to find a job.

Employers should not have to pay to post a job

Employers have been taken advantage of for too long. Paying hundreds of dollars to post a job that is already available on your own career site is an unnecessary expense.



We use industry accepted standards and best practices. We advocate for free and open job search standards that help lower costs and improve privacy for employers and job seekers.


We believe in open source, and have made it the core of our business model. We welcome contributions from developers all over the world, or you can branch our code and run with it yourself. All of our projects are available on GitHub.


No Tricks. No Run-around. No Schemes.

Our tools help ensure that qualified, vetted job postings from legitimate companies are easy to find. Workers and job seekers should not have to wade through hundreds of misleading postings to find open positions.

Backed by DirectEmployers Association

We were created by DirectEmployers Association, an association of employers dedicated to improving labor market efficiency. Our mission is to develop and spread the adoption of technology that improves how people find a job and how employers find people.


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