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“I am so happy to know there is an organization, such as your youth enrichment program, that helps to encourage and motivate students to continue striving for the best in their future endeavors as they spring board off your excellent summer program. Thank you for providing my son, Adrian, with an opportunity to "do something different" this summer".

- Cordella Grimes-Lope- Program Parent

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To support the Summer Jobs+ 2012 program initiated by the Obama Administration and the U.S. Department of Labor, DirectEmployers Foundation hosted local Indianapolis-area high school students interested in business and related fields for a Youth Enhancement Summer Program. This initiative helped connect young people to corporate mentorship experiences, internships and other developmental opportunities.

Through these mentoring and job shadowing opportunities, the program aimed to inspire the development of future goals and provide exposure to the corporate world for youth participants. To help gain hands-on experience, participants were assigned a project to work on throughout the program to help further cultivate critical thinking and problem solving skills.



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